Cooking is not for me

Food Network-my favorite channel. Food-one of my favorite things. So, why can't I cook? Don't mistake me, I can cook the everyday essentials, and I make a pretty mean banana pancake. But, when it comes to Giata or Ina-I just can't do it. Well, now I have a real reason to learn-our new kitchen. I can't let this beauty go to waste! I'm going to brush off my cookbooks, tie on my apron, and figure out what in the world I can do with a zester. 



I can't hold it in any longer! We got a house!
Taylor and I are probably one of the very few buyers who found the perfect home in only a weeks time. It may have had a little to do with the our amazing Realtor, Trisha! However, I will admit I was a bit hesitant because it was only the 2nd home we toured. Taylor, as many of you know is a very thorough researcher, so I knew I was in good hands. The best part about the home-THE YARD. No more going down 4 flights of stairs whenever Lola needs to go out! We are hoping to start gradually moving in about 2 weeks! Our lease with our apartment ends at the end of April, so timing couldn't be more perfect!

Say hello to our new Home!

 more pictures on the way : )


the first impression is a lasting impression

As Taylor and I SLOWLY begin our house hunt, I've noticed my attraction to the outside beauty of the homes. I think it is safe to say this is a pretty normal response. Well, it got me thinking, if I had a home how would I portray the exterior? Would I want it to be inviting? Would I want it to be nestled down a drive lined with oaks, or some other deciduous tree (clearly dreaming)?  What about a porch for lazy Sunday afternoons? I guess it's good I starting thinking about these things, because it is helping us narrow down the type of homes we search for. I always thought I would want a knew construction for our first home, but the more we look, the more I find the 1950's Cottage to be so charming! Taylor, I think, is still leaning towards the newer homes, and probably not a bad thing considering the list of repairs would be much shorter. So, for today, I thought I would share some exterior inspiration. Some of these homes I found browsing for a little inspiration at work, others are homes actually on the market!

loving the porch idea a little more everyday
mixture of materials is very appealing

something about a bright exterior makes me happy
one of my favorites...so quaint and charming

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