Taylor gets these updates every now and then about special flight offers on Southwest. They are usually to some random place like Portland Oregon, and after watching America's Got Talent last night there is no way I am ever going to Portland. Those people are weird.
So anyway, Taylor got an email on Sunday for flights to Chicago. The catch- we had to buy the tickets within 24 hours and the flight had to be in August or we wouldn't get the good deal on tickets. First thing we do is check the cubs schedule. Duh. To my delight the Cubs are playing the Braves the 20-22. Now all we have to do is figure out what we want to do the rest of our time there. I found out this was an easy task for Tayphil. He went to Chicago last summer for Father's day so he knew exactly where he wanted to take me. Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), Grant Park, and then I get to pick which Museum I want to explore. Apparently, Chicago has loads of them. And don't forget about the pizza-we are definitely trying a deep dish Chicago style. This is where Taylor wants to take me....The Weiners Circle. I refuse to put the video directly on the blog, so if you are interested check out their youtube video.
I leave you with fun facts about the Windy City:
Did you know....Chicago is where the ferris wheel made its debut in 1893 at the Columbian Expo? Route 66 begins in Chicago at Grant Park? The Willis Tower is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere? Wrigley field is affected by wind conditions more than any other mlb park? The Chicago River is dyed green every St. Patty's day? Now you do!!


Hon·ey·moon n.

I asked wiki and: "The term 'honeymoon' first originated in Babylon, about 4,000 years ago. Honeymoon came into use for the month after a wedding, when the bride's father would give the groom all the mead he wanted. Mead is actually a honey beer, and being so, the Babylon's calendar was a lunar calender, which is based off the moon. They then started to call that month, the 'honey month', which we now have adapted to be honeymoon." -Not quite as interesting or exciting as I had hoped, but I sure am glad we got to take advantage of this 4,000 year old tradition and go to Cabo!
On our trip we also took advantage of the swim up bar and wait staff(shout out to our man Christian who had our drink of choice memorized by day 3). A majority of our time in Cabo was spent soaking up the suns' raise, however, we did do a little zip lining in the canyons of San Jose del Cabo.
Check out these pictures at wild canyon:

Zip lining Cabo
Zip Lining
Zip Lining
Zip Lining


Name Change

This is my attempt at a blog. Hopefully it will last longer than my attempt of keeping a wedding journal.
So, I had this reoccurring thought that I would go to bed on Friday, June 4 and wake up on Sunday, June 6th, which would mean June 5 somehow got "skipped". Needless to say, this did not happen and Taylor and I have now been married for 13 glorious days. Taylor and I were in the airport, returning from Cabo, when I realized my last name now ends with a "S". GREAT. I always struggled with that in Mrs. Story's English class. Making names that end in "s" possessive. For those of you who are curious; when I want to personalize our door mat it will read: PHILLIPS'. That is going to take some getting use to. Obviously, I love my last name, after all it belongs to the guy who stole my heart with an awkward wave 4 years ago. In order to legally change my name I must go to the Social Security Office, and because of my sweet husband I have all the paperwork I need in order to do so. He also got me all the information for a new passport and driver's license. He's the best- I would never figure all this out alone, but then again, I wouldn't be doing this if I were alone. Now that we are back from Cabo and the unpacking and organizing has begun we are realizing WE NEED MORE SPACE. (or maybe Tayphil just needs to get rid of some of his t-shirt collection from college?) I am also guilty with my bags of wedding planning tools, books, and guides...did I really need all of that?
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!! love love love!
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