What we live for

I just wanted to take a quick second and be jealous of this "tweens" room we finished last week. Her Dad let us have so much fun with her room (previously an attic). She has it all up there! Complete with tv lounge and newly remodeled bathroom. This is what we live for...being able to do a complete install and THEN have the recipient of the design be thrilled with the end results. I mean, I would live here.

tv lounge before
tv lounge after

bedroom before

bedroom after


Alabama Shakes

Happy Monday.....if your like me, it was super hard to get moving this AM. No fear, I am here to offer a little Monday music to get you through the day.
The Alabama Shakes are from Athens and are going national.
 I love this song and if you haven't already heard it, I'm sure you will too!


you're welcome.



The weather is here, wish you were beautiful

I have really been slacking on my blogging! Honestly, there really hasn't been much going on in the Phillips household.
I did however, manage to sneak away for a some girl time last week! We took a little trip to Gulf Shores for some fun in the sun and some much needed R&R. Funny thing how a couple of years can really change how you feel about a Spring Break. There was a group of college kids playing dizzy bat and beer pong, and instead of wanting to join in on the games, my first thought was, "maybe we should get that girl in the floppy hat some water." Talk about a show. Our nights out now consist of dinner and a little late night, but nothing like it use to be!

THEN...no more bubba kegs for us.

Now, we drink responsibly :)
Me with the Bride to be!!
Amanda and Kat 
dinner at Cobalt-SO GOOD.

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