Our Little Reindeer

This year we weren't quite sure what to do for a Christmas card. The wedding is old news, so no wedding pics.We didn't really have any great pictures of the two of us, so we were in a predicament....
After a little thought and discovering a set of antlers, we have our 2011 Christmas card!

basset hound reindeer antlers

We used almost a whole bag of beggin' strips trying to get Lola to cooperate. Her slobber got a little out of hand at times, but after about 30 minutes of continuous picture taking, we got this jewel of a picture. A somewhat frustrated Lola who is actually looking at a treat in Taylor's hand and not the camera. Why the white sheet you ask? So Taylor could Photoshop the background a little easier. 

.....and tada!

basset hound Christmas Card

 Merry Christmas from The Phillips Family!!



Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to worlds #1 Mom! Like I've said on Birthday's past, she really couldn't have been a better Mom to us 3 girls. She puts up with a lot, not just from us, but from our goofy Dad, too. She rarely takes a break for her self, but when she does, man does she enjoy them. She makes laying out in the sun look so fun, and having a drink seem so tasty. That's what I love about my Mom, she really does enjoy life. She appreciates the little things whether it is a spontaneous trip, or a Jimmy Buffet song on the radio. I love you Mom and hope you have enjoyed your Birthday!

       WE LOVE YOU :)


Taylor's Creativity

I know this is a little late, but I have to show y'all how awesome our house looked on Halloween night. Taylor blacked out the breeze way and added spider webs, black lights and a fog machine. He placed strobe lights in front of the windows and had spooky music playing. The kids LOVED IT. One kid loved it so much his mom had to drag him out of the "spooky fog", as he called it. We had over 500 pieces of candy and by the end of the night it was gone (I think we had a couple of repeat tricker treaters)!

Taylor's pumpkin 

my contribution  :)



This is the day all of us Alabama fans have been waiting for! To me, it is bigger than the Tennessee game and the Iron Bowl. 1 vs 2 AT HOME. I haven't been able to sleep all week, which is a little ridiculous. I have also been working out my vocal cords to make sure I am at my vocal best. Bryant-Denny is going to be the loudest it has ever been. So Roll Tide to all my fellow Bama fans, and Auburn, it's your off week so how about a little love :)

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