Summer Loving

Summer Collection

Just a little collection of things I'm into at the moment.

1) Belle Chevre Goat Cheese I tried this at Earth Fare last week and had to buy. Great on a Sandwich or with rosemary and olive triscuits...another addiction of mine. Best thing about it, it's made right here in Alabama!

2) All Recipes  ipad/iphone app: Taylor and I use this ALL the time. The reviews are super helpful and give great advice on how to make the recipe even better! Try the Easy Slow Cooker French Dip- it is dynamite. 

3) Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm I got this in a goodie bag from the Heart Ball a while ago...so refreshing!

4) Heather Gray V-neck I'm surprised Taylor hasn't hidden this shirt from me. I wear it ALL the time. It reminds me of my Dad's old worn in golf shirts...so soft and comfortable.

5) Aqua Cropped Jean These have been my summer staple. I wear them with white, floral , other bright complimentary colors and yes, I even wear them with my v-neck.

6) Spring Street Saison Avondale Brewery is fairly new to Bham and has really caught on. We usually have the Saison when we go to Rojo, but be careful if you find yourself having a glass, it is much stronger than that Ultra your drinking.

7) Shimmer Bronzer I LOVE this. I wear it all year long and get so many compliments on my complexion...tricked ya, it's just my bronzer. I especially love it this time of year-no other makeup needed.

8) Interior Therapy on Bravo. It is interior design, drama tv, and a comedy all rolled into one glorious tv show. The first season actually ended in May, but I'm sure it will be back. 

9) Ikat Bowls love these bowls for the color. All my dinnerware is white, so it is fun to through these guys on the dinner table every now and then. They would even be great in a bookcase to add a bold punch of color.

10) Empire Pull I love this collection of pulls and really want to use them somewhere!

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Kitchen Company

Taylor and I have been in our house for over a year and we are still working on getting it juuuust the way "we" like it. (ladies, you know what I'm sayin, we = me in this scenario). I have found myself to be extremely picky when it comes to furnishing our house. It has gotten B.A.D. I am seriously tired of looking at bare walls and not having a place to put my drink when sitting in my chair. You would think this would make me hurry up the process...but no. Poor Taylor. I felt so bad for him, we ordered these cool guys...

aluminum counter stools

I first saw these at Design Within Reach for $710,  but was super excited when I found Crate and Barrel offered a more affordable option. Pretty great, right?

Couldn't get that sweet pup to move.


2 Down and Many More to Go

         On this day, now TWO years ago, was the happiest day of my life. I was surrounded by friends, family and at the end of the day, I was married to my best friend. In my mind, that day couldn't have been more perfect.  Since our wedding day, I can honestly say this man has taken care of me everyday. He takes his vows to heart. God's timing is not always your timing, and we have learned that on more than one occasion this year. Through it all, Taylor has been my rock. So, thank you Taylor for being there for me and for being such a wonderful provider to our family. I love you!

southern wedding

wedding party picture

bride and groom picture idea


Playing Catch

I know this might not be a big deal to some of you dog owners out there, but for us and Lola, this is pretty great. It wasn't until Lola was almost a year old that she learned how to fetch, and even then she NEVER wanted to bring the ball/Frisbee back. The game of fetch always turned into keep away from Katie. So needless to say, this is why this little video of Lola is so exciting to me:

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