Math Suks!

Saturday I went to my first Jimmy Buffett concert with my Mom and Sisters. Can I just saw, WOW. It was hilarious to see how serious people are about their Buffett. We watched the concert in style on the 17th row and were surrounded by some characters. 

Thanks to my Mom for a great weekend!
dressed up in our finest
this guy made it on the big screen. Yes, those are push lights.

Hoping to get Jimmy to play Math Suks, unfortunately our sign got confiscated. 

And before I go....meet the newest member of the Phillips family...this sweet thing has had a rough life. In and out of the shelter for months. 1st as a surrender and then adopted by a man with medical issues, who eventually had to return her. We've had our eye on her for a while, but she was always just out of our reach. 
Taylor and I went to the shelter Saturday for the 4th time in 2 months in search of the perfect sister, and to our surprise and delight Tuffy was back! 
We really wanted Lola to have a playmate for days she is home alone and Tuff fit the bill-the perfect size, age (2 years old) and she is a Beagle, which is pretty much a basset with shorter ears :)

Meet Tuffy!!

Lola and Tuffy playing:


A Star in the Making!

My boss during our time in Mississippi is a super talented jazz singer, and her son is now following suit! Check out Brian Fuente on this season of The Voice!! He was picked by Blake Shelton on Monday night's show, so make sure you stay tuned to see how he does throughout the show!


Happy Valentines Day!

As much as I'd like to say I think this "holiday" is a joke...I have on red pants today and a huge grin on my face. I love my husband everyday, but today I can be silly about it.

So, Happy Valentines Day to the greatest husband around- I love you Taylor :)

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