Thanks Shaster

Thanks A. My sister Adrienne, who we all call A, pointed out that I apparently do not know the English language. In my last post I claimed all my beds were "hammy-downs". Wrong. The word is apparently "hand-me-down". Which, by the way, makes way more sense. I didn't feel so bad when Adrienne told me my Mom also thought the word was "hammy-down". Love ya Jan.
So, I hope to open this up for discussion-are there words out there you thought you knew, but come to find you have been wrong about these words since they made their first appearance into your vocabulary?

Sometimes we all need a little motivation. Lift it up.


New Purchase

When designing a new space you should always have a vision for the end result you are trying to achieve. Maybe even a fabric or certain piece of furniture you use as inspiration. Focus on one room at a time, or otherwise you will have one big jumbled mess.
Am I following my own words of guidance? Absolutely not. I have jumped around like a mad woman. I partially blame the apartment we are in because we will only be here another 6 months or so. Check it out- we first bought a breakfast table and chairs, and a cocktail table. 2 months later we bought a sofa, and now, thanks to Taylor's Mom and Step-dad we just got a bed!
My whole life I've had "hammy-down" beds. Beth and I inherited my Mom's twin beds, and when we moved from "Downtown Fitzpatrick" to even more in the middle of nowhere, I made the switch to Adrienne's old daybed-now that bed was horrible. I had to sit down just the right way or the whole thing would collapse. Partially my fault because after it was built there were a couple of extra screws...
The bed that is in my room at home now was my great-grandmothers bed, ooooh sweet Mamma Gan. Can I just tell you, that lady loved her some Katie, and I loved her just as much, if not more. She was my Dad's grandmother and she was as tough and strong as she was caring. Before I started school, Mama Gan was my play date. I would go over to her house and she would always have something fun to do. We would fly kites, go on picnics, play in the sprinkler, ride horses, pick blackberries...you get my drift. She even taught me how to hula hoop-yes a 90 year old woman taught me how to hula hoop like nobodies business, told ya she was intense.
Anyway, back to my bed story. All the beds I've ever had have been passed down to me one way or another, until now. We have entered the world of upholstered headboards!
Check it, bed with upholstered fabric:


Biloxi Bound

So there are good things about living in Mississippi, like being closer to New Orleans and Biloxi. This weekend we are traveling to the Beau Rivage, or as the regulars say, The Beau. I however, I'm not a regular. We are going to spend the weekend with my parents. I haven't seen my parents since the wedding, which is the longest I have ever gone without seeing them. Needless to say, I miss the fam. While Taylor and my Pops do a little crap shooting and/or blackjack, my Mom and I will be relaxing under a cabana by the pool. Life will be good. The good thing about the casino-free drinks. I discovered this last time I was there. Just give the waiters a little tip and they will keep coming back. Or, do what I do: stand by my Dad. Can't wait to see my parents!


Time is flying

This is my random thought for the week. Lately I have been thinking about how the weeks seem to zoom by. I never really thought I would say that. Our parents and grandparents warned us about the older you get, the faster time seems to pass. Now I understand. Having a job and getting into an everyday routine really does make the days go by faster. At first, I was scared of this routine nonsense, but I actually like knowing at the end of the day I get to come home to Taylor, and we will cook(whether it will actually be edible is unpredictable),or go out to dinner. Every now and then we get a little crazy, and grab some ice cream around 9:00. Just ask Beth, last time she was here we made an impromptu trip one night to sonic for a little sweet treat. But in all seriousness, I do love our new life together. I don't know exactly where it will take us as we learn and grow as a family, but I know we both have big dreams and the desire to do big things with our lives. Time might be flying, but we still have plenty of time to figure out our niche in life. That's all I got for today.

As promised here are some of our pictures from Austin. We had a blast- Taylor has some great friends over there that we really miss getting to hang out with, so it was great to see everyone again. The purple Margarita was a concoction of ever clear and possibly purple kool aid. Speaking of purple drinks- have yall heard about the recent problem Mobile is having with "purple drank"?
What is "Purple drank" you ask?
It was popularized by several prominent hip-hop artists, it contains promethazine-codeine (prescription cough syrup), liquor, 7-up soda and Jolly Ranchers candy.
Talk about a bad idea. Just ask JaMarcus Russell who effectively eliminated himself from becoming a Jet any time this millennium with his latest bonehead move. The free agent quarterback was arrested at his home in Mobile for possession of a controlled substance during a police investigation. Idiot.

Fireworks on the 4th were amazing. They had an orchestra playing as the fireworks went off.
Frost Tower in the background. Reminds me of a building from Gotham City.
Looking at downtown from river bridge.
Riding up to the The Oasis.
I want that house.
Taylor and his sweet dance moves.
Downtown at The Ranch.
Downtown during the day.
The Purple Margarita at Baby Acapulco's. A limit of two per person. Yikes.
A race to the finish.



Fourth of July means a 10 hour drive to Austin. Does it bother me that I will be in the car for 20 hours total? Absolutely not. Why? Because Austin is fabulous and because I just got new tires on my car.
For those of you out there who don't know, Taylor is from Austin. I can remember thinking that was like the coolest thing ever. Not only is Austin in a different state, but a different state that is 2 states away from my state. Whew! I bet you had to rent a u-haul to get all your stuff to college. Sure enough, he did, and it even caught on fire, but that's a whole other story. Anyway, back to my story- Austin is the coolest place. If you have never been, dude, you need to go. Before I went I thought of Austin the way I think of every other place in Texas-flat, with small little midget trees; I was right about the midget trees, but not about the flatness. Austin has the most beautiful rolling hills. Austin is very eclectic with its people; they have their hippies, their famous people (Sandra Bullock and Lance Armstrong-he trains here because the hills are so awesome), their college kids- University of Texas is in the middle of downtown Austin (Roll Tide btw). Speaking of downtown, the famous 6th Street has miles of bars that rival, if not surpass, Broadway. Sorry all you Nashville lovers. The First Thursday's of each month artists and musicians gather on South Congress to share their work and their talents. It is one of the cooler things I have ever done.
Lake Travis- a huge lake that flows around the hills and cliffs is one of the prettiest sites I've ever seen. Head to The Oasis, which is nestled on a cliff that over looks the lake, and watch the sunset with a "Perfect Margarita". It doesn't get better than that. And I'm going to stop myself because I sound like the travel channel. But you really should experience it for yourself. When we get back I will show you what you are missing out on. In the mean time, here a couple pictures from previous occasions, and maybe one I found searching Google. Can you guess which one?

Lake Travis
Austin Capitol

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