Time is flying

This is my random thought for the week. Lately I have been thinking about how the weeks seem to zoom by. I never really thought I would say that. Our parents and grandparents warned us about the older you get, the faster time seems to pass. Now I understand. Having a job and getting into an everyday routine really does make the days go by faster. At first, I was scared of this routine nonsense, but I actually like knowing at the end of the day I get to come home to Taylor, and we will cook(whether it will actually be edible is unpredictable),or go out to dinner. Every now and then we get a little crazy, and grab some ice cream around 9:00. Just ask Beth, last time she was here we made an impromptu trip one night to sonic for a little sweet treat. But in all seriousness, I do love our new life together. I don't know exactly where it will take us as we learn and grow as a family, but I know we both have big dreams and the desire to do big things with our lives. Time might be flying, but we still have plenty of time to figure out our niche in life. That's all I got for today.

As promised here are some of our pictures from Austin. We had a blast- Taylor has some great friends over there that we really miss getting to hang out with, so it was great to see everyone again. The purple Margarita was a concoction of ever clear and possibly purple kool aid. Speaking of purple drinks- have yall heard about the recent problem Mobile is having with "purple drank"?
What is "Purple drank" you ask?
It was popularized by several prominent hip-hop artists, it contains promethazine-codeine (prescription cough syrup), liquor, 7-up soda and Jolly Ranchers candy.
Talk about a bad idea. Just ask JaMarcus Russell who effectively eliminated himself from becoming a Jet any time this millennium with his latest bonehead move. The free agent quarterback was arrested at his home in Mobile for possession of a controlled substance during a police investigation. Idiot.

Fireworks on the 4th were amazing. They had an orchestra playing as the fireworks went off.
Frost Tower in the background. Reminds me of a building from Gotham City.
Looking at downtown from river bridge.
Riding up to the The Oasis.
I want that house.
Taylor and his sweet dance moves.
Downtown at The Ranch.
Downtown during the day.
The Purple Margarita at Baby Acapulco's. A limit of two per person. Yikes.
A race to the finish.

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