How Cute is She Gonna Be?!

Soooo... Taylor and I have officially decided on a puppy! I have been through my share of labs in my lifetime and absolutely adore them. I have 2 muts in Fitzpatrick (Ike and Tina) that I wouldn't trade for the world. When I was younger I adopted a stray english/american bulldog that was the love of my life. Taylor has also had his share of puppy dogs. His first was a Blood Hound named Blossom, and throughout his childhood he had several labs and a mix breed or two.
The search has been on for a couple of weeks now and if you know Tayphill you know he has been doing all kinds of research on puppy behavior, what dog is right for you, and why that dog is right for you....so on and so on. This is why I love him : ) Very thorough that boy. After we confirmed our new decision was the right decision, we started our search for breeders. Are you ready to see what puppy we have chosen to be the newest member of the Taylor Phillips Family?

Basset Hound! How can you say no to that face?
: )


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the best Dad in the whole wide world!
His Birthday was actually yesterday, but considering I was on the road all day returning from Arkansas, (RTR by the way) I am just now sitting down to write this blog.
So Happy Birthday to my Dad, one of the most influential people in my life, and the reason I'm the person I am today : )
 My Dad has taught me so many things over the years. Just to name a few...He taught me how to play basketball and softball, how to fish (which I vividly remember), how to ride horses, to have a sense of humor, he taught me about God and his unconditional love for us, he taught me strength and how to be tough, the value of a dollar (which I am now aware of more than ever), the importance of doing the right thing-no matter how hard it may be, and he taught me how to love and what it means to be loved by another. Obviously, that is not everything I have learned from my Dad. I would be here all day if I were to tell you all he has taught me over the years.
 My Dad is the toughest and sweetest man I have ever known. He is an extremely hard worker and has given me everything I have ever needed and much MUCH more. I can only imagine how much stress us 3 girls put my Dad through. No matter what, he has always been the voice of reason when I needed guidance. A God fearing man and one of the best role models in my life.
Thanks for all you ever did for me Pops, and all you continue to do for me every day!!


Reba and George.

My friend Leah and I met in Birmingham this past Friday to witness two of the greats perform at the BJCC. We had SO MUCH FUN. Reba looked phenomenal, and George Strait, well he is an absolute hottie. Reba of course changed into her red dress to sing Fancy, and George sang as many hits as he could without keeping us there all night (I wouldn't have complained). Not much else I can say about this night except it was fantastic! 
Me Leah and Kat

Reba and her costar Melissa Peterman

here comes George!

bye bye George


My Heart Will Never Forget

I have been so unbelievably blessed in my life to have known such amazing grandparents.

Maw Maw and Grandaddy
My Mom's parent's, MawMaw and Grandaddy, were the biggest Alabama fan's in the history of Bama fans. They are no doubt the reason why Alabama is so dear to my heart. After Alabama won the 1992 National Championship, my Grandaddy spotted Coach Gene Stallings leaving the locker room. Grandaddy walked up behind him, put his arm around his neck as if they were old friends. "Good game Coach", he said. That was how he was, never met a stranger.
Maw Maw, barely 5 feet, stood tall next to my 6'-5" Grandaddy.  Man how they loved each other. I can still hear Grandaddy yelling for Maw Maw, "Come here Woman!". 

Mammie, my Dad's mother. A southern lady who had such an ease about her. Always knew the right thing to say to sooth our pain. An English teacher, which meant we were always being corrected in the most polite way possible. Tough as a nail and the best cook EVER. Mammie's Mayonnaise-heaven on a slice of bread. She was the Glue that held our family together.
Every Sunday she would cook for the whole Forrer Clan. That is 8 grandchildren, 8 aunts and uncles, and my Grandfather. Count it-that's 18 people including herself.
Birthdays were the best. The birthday boy or girl got to pick what they wanted for the meal, and the sky was the limit. "Birthday Chicken" became the favorite of most. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Easter...all spent together with deep tradition.
I was sitting in her lap at 20 years old. No matter how old we got, we were still her little Angels. I couldn't wait to to come home from college on weekends. First stop, Mammies. I knew where I could find a good back rub and tons of love. So today, as my family remembers her unconditional love, I thought I would share with you how much she meant to my family and me. Talk about a beautiful life-this lady lived one.
Christmas Eve 2007

Sunday Dinner


Shout Out to the Newbies!

Over the last couple of months, some of our very best friends have decided to tie the knot. We can't wait to celebrate! What a beautiful life it is!

Michael Coronado and Megan Gray
February 26, 2011
They are from Austin and 2 of our good friends! So fun to be around and SO perfect for each other!!

Jacob Meacham and Lindsay Cole
May 7, 2011
My little Lindsay! They have been together for 9 1/2 years and no, that's not a typo! Just beautiful!

Andrew Pair and Kana Jones
December 17, 2011
My Boogie! Kana and Pair are the 2 most laid back  people I have ever met. Put them on a boat or just near the water and they will sit for days!


Hot doesn't quite cut it.

Ever been in a sauna? Welp, that's what The Quad was on Saturday before the game. We drove to the Sigma Chi house to eat lunch before the game and then walked across The Quad to meet my Mom and Adrienne. On our journey we stopped several times as we saw friends tailgating. By the time we got to my Mom I was dripping with sweat, thank goodness for the paper plate/fan I picked up at one of the tailgates or I might have passed out. Skinny jeans were a bad idea to say the least. I decided it would be a good idea to head towards the Alpha Gam house and borrow an outfit of Beth's in hopes it would be cooler than my current ensemble. To my surprise, Beth had several of my dresses..grrrrrrrr.
The rest of the day was far from glamorous. It poured down rain up until game time. The new additions to the stadium are ridiculous! With the new additions to the stadium they also have some new additions to the pregame. Penn State fans were in awe over the tradition and the rituals that took place throughout the game. For the first time since I can remember instead of booing the opposing team everyone cheered as they entered the field. When Joe Paterno left the field at half time he received a standing ovation. Talk about deserving respect. That man does fo sho.
If  I had to pick one game to go to for the season, the Penn State game was it. They called it a Rival Revisited; a classic. And I was there!

Nick Saban, Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno
Preston Gothard-Honorary Captain!


On My Way To See The Tide Play!

When my sisters and I were little we had a car magnet that said "ON MY WAY TO SEE THE TIDE PLAY". We would slap that sucker on the car door and make our trip to Tuscaloosa with the other 100+ Bama fans who were also going to see the Tide play. I would love watching the "train" of cars along Highway 82 with flags flapping and pom poms hanging from trunks. I don't know about the other cars, but in our car, Jan had and still has a tradition of listen to this crazy gameday playlist which consists of game day highlights and signature Alabama songs.
So, today when Taylor and I are on our way to Tuscaloosa we will start new traditions, and they just might include my own little play list : )
Have a good weekend everyone and ROLL TIDE!


Happy Friday!

Yay for Friday! Hope all of you are wearing your team's colors and getting ready for a weekend full of football! I've got my lucky shaker and my game day cup ready to go! 
Roll Tide fellow Bama Fans!!
101,821 fans will gather at  Bryant Denny Stadium on Saturday. That's gonna be one loud stadium!

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