Hot doesn't quite cut it.

Ever been in a sauna? Welp, that's what The Quad was on Saturday before the game. We drove to the Sigma Chi house to eat lunch before the game and then walked across The Quad to meet my Mom and Adrienne. On our journey we stopped several times as we saw friends tailgating. By the time we got to my Mom I was dripping with sweat, thank goodness for the paper plate/fan I picked up at one of the tailgates or I might have passed out. Skinny jeans were a bad idea to say the least. I decided it would be a good idea to head towards the Alpha Gam house and borrow an outfit of Beth's in hopes it would be cooler than my current ensemble. To my surprise, Beth had several of my dresses..grrrrrrrr.
The rest of the day was far from glamorous. It poured down rain up until game time. The new additions to the stadium are ridiculous! With the new additions to the stadium they also have some new additions to the pregame. Penn State fans were in awe over the tradition and the rituals that took place throughout the game. For the first time since I can remember instead of booing the opposing team everyone cheered as they entered the field. When Joe Paterno left the field at half time he received a standing ovation. Talk about deserving respect. That man does fo sho.
If  I had to pick one game to go to for the season, the Penn State game was it. They called it a Rival Revisited; a classic. And I was there!

Nick Saban, Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno
Preston Gothard-Honorary Captain!

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