Happy Birthday Lola and Tuffy!

Happy Birthday to our sweet girls!! Lola for sure was born 10.29.10, but Tuffy we are just not sure about since she was adopted. We figured, what could it hurt to celebrate their birthdays on the same day?

Baby Lola!

Basset puppy

 Our first day together :)
basset puppy

 Sweet Puppy love

basset puppy

Lola had her share of incidents....

dog cone
figuring out how to get in and out of cages without loosing a toenail

swollen basset
figuring out spiders are not your friend

And... then there was Tuffy!

beagle and basset

and they became best friends!
beagle and basset

Tuffy loves sleeping under pillows 

Happy Birthday sweet girls!!!

basset hound


I've been hanging around this town..and this town..and this town...

3 cities, 3 hotels and now back at home with far less pictures than I realized :( 
So, here is a sub-par recap of my journeys:

First stop, Austin for Austin City Limits.


Avett Brothers ACL
Avett Brothers were so great Live
zilker park
Downtown Austin

Alabama Shakes
Alabama Shakes!

Next stop...Highlands NC

robert abbey
LOVED the new colors!
robert abbey sconce
goodness gracious this was good looking
tommy mitchell
Tommy Mitchell-one of the cooler people I've ever met. His art isn't too bad either :)

Then off to Tuscaloosa for a FABULOUS WEDDING!

rehearsal dinner
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell!

while I was gone...Tayphill dressed my baby up like this and sent me a picture :)


hanging out in my shopping cart

Lucky for Tayphill, I am really not a huge shopper, but every now and then I'll get the itch. I'd say my shopping cart is pretty random at the moment. Nothing crazy, just a little leopard and some flannel :)

fall must haves
1. LivFit Clothing: I am relying on these fabulous workout clothes for some much needed motivation. I figure they are worth a try. And hey, if I not, I'll still get a pretty sweet sports bra out of the deal.
2. Leopard Flats: So excited about these and their little tassels.
3. Dakota Eyeglasses: more of a necessity....until this weekend I did not realize how bad my eyes were. YIKES.
4. Urban Outfitters Flannel Top: I think I want this shirt just because of how cool that girl looks in the picture...and because I love flannel.

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