Merry Christmas from The Phillips Family!

As you may know, Taylor is quite crafty with the Photoshop. You may remember last year's Christmas card with Lola. This year we had the challenge of getting 2 puppies to be cooperative, so Tayphill had to get a little creative...First, he buys a tripod. Then we head to the grocery store for props, and fortunately had the festive attire provided by my Mom (she went through a phase in the 90's).

Taylor actually started with 3 pictures: Tuffy and the bowl, Lola and the Bowl and then the 2 of us. After a little cropping and much patience, we have our 2012 Christmas card!!

Merry Christmas!!


What's under your Christmas Tree?

I'm really digging the non-conventional tree skirts this year! Tree skirts have never really appealed to me, so the past couple of years I've just been wrapping burlap around the base of our tree and tada, Tree skirt (super creative...I know). But after seeing these ideas, I might just be a changed woman. 

Christmas Tree basket

Christmas Tree Skirt Zinc Bucket

And for gift wrapping I have always loved craft paper. I use it all year round to wrap, but around Christmas I like to add a little pizzazz. Some of these ideas will quite possibly end up under my tree this year. 

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping

Happy Decorating!

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