'Round Here...

These past 2 months have been crazy! Sam is growing like a weed and has been sleeping in his crib the last 2 weeks! It has been great, but I will admit to falling asleep watching him on the baby monitor :) He is like a little Houdini, turning in complete circles and waking up on the complete opposite side of the crib. I am at a loss on how he can maneuver in such ways.

Sam 1 week-3 months

We went to St George Island in the middle of October. Sam did not see a whole lot of beach action, but it was a great break!

Roll Tide! 
This was Taylor's outfit when he was a baby :)

And lastly,
  I said goodbye to my sweet family at Marjorie Johnston and Co and have joined the team at Signature Homes. A bitter sweet decision, but excited to see what is in store for the future!

missing Ivey and Sumner in this picture!

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