On Top Of Old Smokey

OK...not really old Smokey, but I have had that song stuck in my head for weeks. Taylor and I did however, spend all of last week in beautiful Telluride, CO. This was my first time to ever ski/go to the Mountains. It is crazy how one country can take on so many different "personalities".

 At the beginning of each day we suited up for a day of skiing, took the Gondola down to Mountain Village (where we would eat lunch everyday), and from there we would ski to our lift and decide what trails we wanted to do that day. The first day of skiing consisted of learning the pizza/french fries technique. Taylor was very patient with me and by the end of day one I was learning how to turn and manage my speed down the mountain...then it happened. Crossed my skis, lost my balance, and face plant. That hurt way more than I thought it would. Discouraged, I got up continued to the lift and made it safely off. The next challenge was the hill to Mountain Village and trying to dodge all the small children, who by the way can ski freakishly fast and are completely fearless. They look like little colorful marshmellows speeding down and around the mountain. Trying to dodge them is not so easy for someone who can barley figure out how to stop. SO, as I began down the hill to Taylor a little blue marshmellow walked in front of me and instead of plowing him over I decided I would take out the unoccupied set of skis and poles the the left. I thought I would just ski right over them and no big deal...Too bad I got completely tripped up fell on my side, and drug the strangers skis with me for the next 5 yards. I was over skiing at this point.

We took the next day off and spent it eating and cuddled by the fire watching movies. By day 3 I was dreading skiing again...I just figured I am only good at sports that include fields and courts. But to my surprise, I had improved to where we were confident enough to do double greens all the way down the mountain...no blues for this girl. Taylor did the best job teaching me and showing me "how-to" videos. I loved skiing at the end of day 3 and thought I was a pro; then I skied in to the "do not enter" orange netting and got completely tangled up. Pride=hurt.

 The rest of the trip was pretty much the same-skiing, eating and sight seeing. Telluride is all local all the time, so no fast food, no chain restaurants, no Starbucks. All of that lends itself to delicious and unique food. Still a small world though; the guy that rented our skis to us was from Birmingham! Love when stuff like that happens. I can't wait to go back-we kept hearing how awesome the Summers are with music festivals, hiking/canoeing. Until then, here are pictures from this trip.

Telluride in Winter

Telluride Mountain

Colorado Street Telluride
view from Colorado St.

Telluride skiing

Telluride skiing

on the Gondola

telluride skis
Taylor face plants in  3' of snow. GREAT moment.

Telluride mountain top


I could get use to this!

I am still recovering from one of the greatest weekends of my life. Taylor and I were very lucky to be able to join what felt like, the rest of the Bama family in New Orleans this past weekend. I went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl back in 2008, but this was something else I tell ya. The atmosphere was incredible and if I got called Tiger bait one more time, I was going to go crazy on a Cajun. I ate lots of good food and got to see some long lost friends. I am definitely not as young as I once was :)
 Before the game even had a chance to start, Beth made a LSU enemy. I know...shocking. But for some reason after Beth was finished smack talking, the guy developed somewhat of a crush on her? Must have been the face paint (see below) or that the Tigers never managed to get within field goal range. Either way, this game was one for the record books and I was soo glad I was able to be there.
Roll Tide!!!!

Pat O'Briens New Orleans
pre-game at Pat O's!

Pat O'Briens Hurricane
Taylor's photography skills

2011 National Championship

University of Alabama 2011 National Champions
2011 National Champions!!

Alabama National Champions

roll tide
the fam...and Beth's face paint.


Boys Suck

Just a quick little venting session. Taylor and I began a healthy eating regime on Monday. Today is Wednesday-2 days later and Tayphill has lost over 5 lbs. ME? Gained 1 lb. We eat the same...no wait, I eat LESS and I work out (well, squats, curls and a little P90X ab torture). This is obscene! I have declared war against the male body and will not retreat until I have won. Stay tuned for tomorrow and Taylor's next weigh-in...
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