I could get use to this!

I am still recovering from one of the greatest weekends of my life. Taylor and I were very lucky to be able to join what felt like, the rest of the Bama family in New Orleans this past weekend. I went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl back in 2008, but this was something else I tell ya. The atmosphere was incredible and if I got called Tiger bait one more time, I was going to go crazy on a Cajun. I ate lots of good food and got to see some long lost friends. I am definitely not as young as I once was :)
 Before the game even had a chance to start, Beth made a LSU enemy. I know...shocking. But for some reason after Beth was finished smack talking, the guy developed somewhat of a crush on her? Must have been the face paint (see below) or that the Tigers never managed to get within field goal range. Either way, this game was one for the record books and I was soo glad I was able to be there.
Roll Tide!!!!

Pat O'Briens New Orleans
pre-game at Pat O's!

Pat O'Briens Hurricane
Taylor's photography skills

2011 National Championship

University of Alabama 2011 National Champions
2011 National Champions!!

Alabama National Champions

roll tide
the fam...and Beth's face paint.

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