4 Months ( a little late)

We have been busy over here!

Sam was baptized on the 25th and we had family in town to celebrate. We then packed up what felt like the whole house to spend Thanksgiving in Fitzpatrick. Sam also had his 4 month check up on the 3rd where he literally measured off the chart with his height! We expected the long legs, but we were completely caught off guard when the Dr. told us Sam had bronchitis and an ear infection! I stayed home with him the next day and by the end of day I was feeling funny...went to the Doctor yesterday, "Well Ma'am you have walking pneumonia". WONDERFUL! Only a matter of time before tayphil joins me....

On a brighter note, Sam is laughing (at his Dad constantly), rolling over, sleeping 10+ hours a night, eating cereal and just yesterday he reached out for Lola, petted her and then the biggest smile came over him followed by the cutest giggle I have ever heard! Be still my heart!

A little recap of the last several weeks:

Wedding China and silverware, my Grandmothers silver goblets and pitcher
filled with blue Hydrangeas and Babies Breath and vintage acorn salt shakers.

Sam could barely get one arm in the gown I wore, so we had this sweet one made.
Taylor was a good sport, but drew the line when I tried for the bonnet :)

Sam's first Thanksgiving!

his shoes lasted all of 10 minutes

sick baby :(

This is the one, Mom!
does not get any better than this!
what a difference!

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