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Living ROOM
This dang excel spread sheet is getting the best of me. I am trying super hard to stay on task with our "order of importance" list, but it is getting nearly impossible! I have my images filed away for when it is time to buy for the living room. I am dying to get them in the actual space, but until that day comes, they will just have to hang out here on my blog :)
Here is a little preview of what I HOPE to put in our living room. Some things we already have, but most we have to buy- Tayphill's tv stand from college just isn't cutting it anymore..



It is hard to believe that on this day 1 year ago, I began my morning by checking my wedding dress for any wrinkles. I kept a journal of our engagement and also wrote about the day of our wedding.
Here is what I wrote:

 June 5, 2010

I wake up before my alarm has a chance to do the job, pour a cup of coffee, and sit down to collect my thoughts about the day. I eat some fruit and breakfast casserole (made by Jan and quite delicious). I shower and try to get my curly hair to be on its best behavior. After all the girls get up and are moving around, we head to my parents house.My Aunt Xan is already at the house with ALL the burlap table cloths she made. The girls help wipe down the chairs for the reception and put linens on the tables-the rain would eventually blow them off-no fear Campbell to the rescue. All my Dad did-I can't even tell you. He and my Mom are such a blessing to me.

  Leah did my hair first, and then my Mom's and sisters' so that we could go into Montgomery and get our makeup done. While we are there, the power goes out at the bridesmaids house. They go to the parsonage behind the church to finish getting ready-no raining on their parade. The power eventually comes back on and we are able to finish getting ready. Tiffany(photographer) arrives and takes the most wonderful pictures.
bridesmaid picture

Time to go to the Church, dress is in the car. The rain is holding off. We take more pictures along the road and in the nearby fields. Once done, we cool off before its time to walk down the aisle.

father of the bride
As it turns 6:00 and the chiming of the hour has begun, the rain starts to fall. No fear, we have an abnormally large white umbrella. The flower girl, Kate, hops down the aisle like a bunny. I can feel the tears coming but when I see Taylor  my nerves are calmed. My Dad hugs my neck and I hold him tight. He hands me off to Taylor. From then on, my eyes were locked in. Helen, Taylor's step-mom, said right before we were announced, the rain stopped and the sun came out.
first dance
cutting the wedding cake
The Reception flew by. We did the first dances-Taylor and me to The Way you Look tonight-Frank Sinatra, My Dad and me, Wonderful World-Louis Armstrong, and Taylor and his Mom to Unforgettable-Nat King Cole. We cut the cakes, and as predicted Taylor shoved it in my face. We had the best Time! Ike even sneaked in a kiss before the garter toss. Kana caught the bouquet (and got engaged 2 weeks later!) We left at the very latest we could-after I got to dance with my girls to Domino, of course.We stayed at the Renaissance and left for Cabo at 4 the next morning!

Taylor- thank you for everything. You have made this past year unforgettable. You do so much for me and I am truly blessed to have the privilege of calling you my husband. I love you!
southern country wedding

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