My Heart Will Never Forget

I have been so unbelievably blessed in my life to have known such amazing grandparents.

Maw Maw and Grandaddy
My Mom's parent's, MawMaw and Grandaddy, were the biggest Alabama fan's in the history of Bama fans. They are no doubt the reason why Alabama is so dear to my heart. After Alabama won the 1992 National Championship, my Grandaddy spotted Coach Gene Stallings leaving the locker room. Grandaddy walked up behind him, put his arm around his neck as if they were old friends. "Good game Coach", he said. That was how he was, never met a stranger.
Maw Maw, barely 5 feet, stood tall next to my 6'-5" Grandaddy.  Man how they loved each other. I can still hear Grandaddy yelling for Maw Maw, "Come here Woman!". 

Mammie, my Dad's mother. A southern lady who had such an ease about her. Always knew the right thing to say to sooth our pain. An English teacher, which meant we were always being corrected in the most polite way possible. Tough as a nail and the best cook EVER. Mammie's Mayonnaise-heaven on a slice of bread. She was the Glue that held our family together.
Every Sunday she would cook for the whole Forrer Clan. That is 8 grandchildren, 8 aunts and uncles, and my Grandfather. Count it-that's 18 people including herself.
Birthdays were the best. The birthday boy or girl got to pick what they wanted for the meal, and the sky was the limit. "Birthday Chicken" became the favorite of most. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Easter...all spent together with deep tradition.
I was sitting in her lap at 20 years old. No matter how old we got, we were still her little Angels. I couldn't wait to to come home from college on weekends. First stop, Mammies. I knew where I could find a good back rub and tons of love. So today, as my family remembers her unconditional love, I thought I would share with you how much she meant to my family and me. Talk about a beautiful life-this lady lived one.
Christmas Eve 2007

Sunday Dinner

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  1. sweet chile...you do like to make me cry don't you...thanks for remembering Mammie...you all were her "WILD" angels and she loved you with all her heart.


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