How Cute is She Gonna Be?!

Soooo... Taylor and I have officially decided on a puppy! I have been through my share of labs in my lifetime and absolutely adore them. I have 2 muts in Fitzpatrick (Ike and Tina) that I wouldn't trade for the world. When I was younger I adopted a stray english/american bulldog that was the love of my life. Taylor has also had his share of puppy dogs. His first was a Blood Hound named Blossom, and throughout his childhood he had several labs and a mix breed or two.
The search has been on for a couple of weeks now and if you know Tayphill you know he has been doing all kinds of research on puppy behavior, what dog is right for you, and why that dog is right for you....so on and so on. This is why I love him : ) Very thorough that boy. After we confirmed our new decision was the right decision, we started our search for breeders. Are you ready to see what puppy we have chosen to be the newest member of the Taylor Phillips Family?

Basset Hound! How can you say no to that face?
: )

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