Road Trip!

Taylor and I took a "little" road trip to Arkansas this past weekend. The timing was perfect because we got to celebrate my Mother-in-law's birthday, and we got to see Bama pull out a win over Arkansas! It was a quick trip but it was so much fun! The weather couldn't have been better, and the game couldn't have been more interesting!! We did a little tailgating and met some fun Arkansas fans.
Bruce, Taylor's step-dad, surprised his Mom with tickets for the game. We had no idea where the seats were until we got into the stadium and were ushered to the elevators. Sweet! We got to sit indoors in comfy seats! The only down side? Surrounded by 100's of Arkansas boosters. 1st quarter of play I was not a happy camper. Arkansas out-scored us 20-7. Saban must have lit a fire under the defense at half time because Arkansas did not score in the 2nd half and we pulled the win out. Thank goodness because I don't think I could have handled the taunting from "Mr. Arkansas State".
Hope everyone had a wonderful week and a Happy Friday!!
the "red out"

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