Boxes, Boxes and MORE BOXES

Taylor and I spent the weekend packing up everything we own. You never realize how much STUFF you actually have until you put it all in boxes. I thought, surely 10 boxes would hold all of it.....ha. Try 40+ boxes, and that's not even including all the wedding presents still packed up in the closet....I can't wait until we actually have room for all of it! The little things in life : ) Because I got on a roll Sunday and ended up packing the whole kitchen...we will be eating out for the next couple of days. Woops.
My advice: Overestimate. Overestimate the time it will take you to pack, the amount of boxes, tape, bubble wrap, newspaper, and beer it will take you to get the job done.
 Have a great week yall!


It's been real and it's been fun...

It's time Taylor and I say farewell Jackson, Mississippi and hello Birmingham, Alabama! 
       We are making the move at the end of the month and are so excited! We will be closer to friends and family and have such great things to look forward to! I have been so blessed and fortunate to have such wonderful co-workers, which have really been more like my second family! I can't tell you how easy they made my transition to a new and unfamiliar city.
Love you SummerHo's : )
      Many of Taylor's aunts, uncles, and cousins live here in Jackson and if it weren't for them, our move to Jackson may not have happened. They are the kindest, most loving family I could have married into and I am proud to call them my own.
      So, farewell to our first home. We have made many memories here, and this place will always have a special place in our hearts! See you in 2 weeks B'ham!

this is Taylor's excited face


Big Ole Black Bear

So for those of you who don't know, over the past year Ole Miss has been battling (pun intended) to keep their tradition rich mascot, "Colonel Reb". The public was able to vote on what the new mascot will be. They narrowed the choices down to: Hotty Toddy, The Rebel Land Shark and The Rebel Black Bear. The Bear won with 62% of the votes. Not so fast though- petitions are flying trying to keep the Colonel on the field. But for now, Ole Miss will be represented by a big ole black bear. Maybe we will see him at Alabama's Homecoming  this weekend?
And at least us Bama fans can rest easy, I mean what could possibly be inappropriate with an Elephant named "Big Al"?


Road Trip!

Taylor and I took a "little" road trip to Arkansas this past weekend. The timing was perfect because we got to celebrate my Mother-in-law's birthday, and we got to see Bama pull out a win over Arkansas! It was a quick trip but it was so much fun! The weather couldn't have been better, and the game couldn't have been more interesting!! We did a little tailgating and met some fun Arkansas fans.
Bruce, Taylor's step-dad, surprised his Mom with tickets for the game. We had no idea where the seats were until we got into the stadium and were ushered to the elevators. Sweet! We got to sit indoors in comfy seats! The only down side? Surrounded by 100's of Arkansas boosters. 1st quarter of play I was not a happy camper. Arkansas out-scored us 20-7. Saban must have lit a fire under the defense at half time because Arkansas did not score in the 2nd half and we pulled the win out. Thank goodness because I don't think I could have handled the taunting from "Mr. Arkansas State".
Hope everyone had a wonderful week and a Happy Friday!!
the "red out"

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