On My Way To See The Tide Play!

When my sisters and I were little we had a car magnet that said "ON MY WAY TO SEE THE TIDE PLAY". We would slap that sucker on the car door and make our trip to Tuscaloosa with the other 100+ Bama fans who were also going to see the Tide play. I would love watching the "train" of cars along Highway 82 with flags flapping and pom poms hanging from trunks. I don't know about the other cars, but in our car, Jan had and still has a tradition of listen to this crazy gameday playlist which consists of game day highlights and signature Alabama songs.
So, today when Taylor and I are on our way to Tuscaloosa we will start new traditions, and they just might include my own little play list : )
Have a good weekend everyone and ROLL TIDE!

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