Our Little Reindeer

This year we weren't quite sure what to do for a Christmas card. The wedding is old news, so no wedding pics.We didn't really have any great pictures of the two of us, so we were in a predicament....
After a little thought and discovering a set of antlers, we have our 2011 Christmas card!

basset hound reindeer antlers

We used almost a whole bag of beggin' strips trying to get Lola to cooperate. Her slobber got a little out of hand at times, but after about 30 minutes of continuous picture taking, we got this jewel of a picture. A somewhat frustrated Lola who is actually looking at a treat in Taylor's hand and not the camera. Why the white sheet you ask? So Taylor could Photoshop the background a little easier. 

.....and tada!

basset hound Christmas Card

 Merry Christmas from The Phillips Family!!

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