Greenery Delima

The other day Taylor and I were walking Lola and  I was also scoping out any cedar and/or Magnolia trees to use for the mantel and wreaths. Before I go any further..I grew up in Fitzpatrick, land of Cedar and Magnolias. Simply grab a large black trash bag and cutters(optional), and go to town on any tree of your liking. So, on Sunday I saw a Cedar tree, walked up to it, and began scoping out the perfect branches. I look at Taylor and he has a concerned look on his face. "What?" I ask. "You know you can't cut those limbs, Katie." "Yes I can", I reply. Taylor continues to explain to me how this is not our property and if someone saw you walking down the street with a bunch of branches dragging behind you, you will probably be questioned. Good point, I guess.
So I discuss this delima with my older sister, A, and with some thought I came up with a plan. I'll put on all black and cut them at NIGHT. No one will ever know, and when Taylor ask where I got all this greenery I'll just shrug my shoulders. This usually works for about 5 minutes and then interrogation begins.
So my other, and more realistic option is to buy the greenery. I just feel silly buying something that is all over the place! I am not kidding, Magnolia trees are everywhere and I can't have just 4 dang branches. What if I just take one branch from each tree....delima....Looks like I am going to the wholesale florist today.
Bah, Humbug.

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