I got my goods.

Greenery Delima SOLVED. Panic set in after I completed my post on Friday. You see, I hosted an Ornament shower for my friend Kana on Sunday (pics and details to come) and I needed decorations! My boss let me leave work a little early on Friday to dash down to the wholesale.To my disappointment, no garland, no Magnolia leaves, no nothin! I snagged some pretty great paperwhites, that I think smell great, but Taylor thought Lola pooped in the house.

Like I mad woman I went to 3 other local florist and flower shops trying to find a little greenery. On my way home I decided I would try Home Depot. To my surprise they had great potted plants  for my front porch, and even had some cedar garland! When I got home I was pretty disappointed with how the garland looked.

Not to worry, Mom and Dad to the rescue. My Dad cuts Magnolia leaves and says it must be tough being a city girl-thanks, Dad. My Mom cuts cedar with the prettiest blue berries. Can't find this good stuff in any store. My Mom brings it all up with her before the party on Sunday and now my house finally feels like Christmas! I owe my parents Big Time!

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