Christmas Accouterments

So you all know about my greenery delima and how it has been solved. Well, here it is actually installed! The branch is left over from the ornament shower I hosted for Kana (we hung her ornaments on the limbs as she unwrapped them). I thought it looked pretty cool in the room, so it remains! Taylor, on the other hand threatens me everyday that it will be back in the woods where it belongs before I get home from work.

We don't actually have a mantel so I created the illusion of one by adding garland and accouterments:

Christmas Mantel Decoration Ideas

The stockings are from Etsy-Mindy does a fabulous job if you are ever in the market for some new stockings!

Christmas Mantel decorations

Stole the cranberries floating in water idea from my Mom :)

I have a little herb ledge above my sink...let's be honest that it really only serves the purpose of collecting dust and most recently, magnolia and holly.

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Merry Christmas guys!!

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