Thanks Shaster

Thanks A. My sister Adrienne, who we all call A, pointed out that I apparently do not know the English language. In my last post I claimed all my beds were "hammy-downs". Wrong. The word is apparently "hand-me-down". Which, by the way, makes way more sense. I didn't feel so bad when Adrienne told me my Mom also thought the word was "hammy-down". Love ya Jan.
So, I hope to open this up for discussion-are there words out there you thought you knew, but come to find you have been wrong about these words since they made their first appearance into your vocabulary?

Sometimes we all need a little motivation. Lift it up.


  1. I can't think of any words off the top of my head, but I will admit to this... It was forever before I realized that "every kiss begins with kay" really meant that every kiss begins with the letter "k". I guess I just thought that if you got kay jewelry then you got a kiss. dumb.

  2. wow, that's good to know. I like those commercials more now.

  3. i loved the "hammy downs" ...you are a dear child.

    when i was a child Mammie used to say "nasty break" to me when i wanted something i couldn't have or didn't get to do something i wanted. i always thought it was just one word...nastibrake...that meant tough luck, too bad, etc....

    it wasn't until i was grown and thought about it one day did i realize what it meant.

    love you kt, catherine,...


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