New Purchase

When designing a new space you should always have a vision for the end result you are trying to achieve. Maybe even a fabric or certain piece of furniture you use as inspiration. Focus on one room at a time, or otherwise you will have one big jumbled mess.
Am I following my own words of guidance? Absolutely not. I have jumped around like a mad woman. I partially blame the apartment we are in because we will only be here another 6 months or so. Check it out- we first bought a breakfast table and chairs, and a cocktail table. 2 months later we bought a sofa, and now, thanks to Taylor's Mom and Step-dad we just got a bed!
My whole life I've had "hammy-down" beds. Beth and I inherited my Mom's twin beds, and when we moved from "Downtown Fitzpatrick" to even more in the middle of nowhere, I made the switch to Adrienne's old daybed-now that bed was horrible. I had to sit down just the right way or the whole thing would collapse. Partially my fault because after it was built there were a couple of extra screws...
The bed that is in my room at home now was my great-grandmothers bed, ooooh sweet Mamma Gan. Can I just tell you, that lady loved her some Katie, and I loved her just as much, if not more. She was my Dad's grandmother and she was as tough and strong as she was caring. Before I started school, Mama Gan was my play date. I would go over to her house and she would always have something fun to do. We would fly kites, go on picnics, play in the sprinkler, ride horses, pick blackberries...you get my drift. She even taught me how to hula hoop-yes a 90 year old woman taught me how to hula hoop like nobodies business, told ya she was intense.
Anyway, back to my bed story. All the beds I've ever had have been passed down to me one way or another, until now. We have entered the world of upholstered headboards!
Check it, bed with upholstered fabric:

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  1. you made me cry sweet chile...i wish i could mean as much to a child as she did to you...love you catherine :)


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