Katie goes to the Big City

This past weekend Taylor and I took our trip to Chicago. The 3rd biggest city in the U.S, and my biggest city to have ever visited.
Chicago was so cool. The architecture is unbelievable. I found myself looking at a building built in the 1800's with such ornate detail and then right next to it, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.  My pictures do not come close to showing this city the justice it deserves.
We went to the Art Institute, saw the silver bean and the Buckingham fountain, got my hot dog and my deep dish, but Wrigley Field was undeniably the coolest experience. Once I sat down and looked out on the field, I couldn't help but think about all the greats that have played on that very field. And you know what else? They still have a little man in far center field who changes the score.
After the game, we decided to see what Wrigleyville had to offer for night life. Cubbie Bear was our first stop. If you ever want to see a bunch of white people trying to dance, this is your place. Once that got old we stepped back on the street in front of Wrigley Field. I look up and what do I see? Fate. " Come to the Houndstooth Saloon, Roll Tide" was flashing on the screen outside the stadium.
Obviously, we go to the Houndstooth. Upon entering we were greeted by the bouncer wearing a roll tide t-shirt. We then saw several people wearing crimson and white. Taylor was a kid in a candy store. He immediately started talking football to his new best friends. What made this night better? Taylor being able to yell Rocky Top (bama style) and Dixie Land Delight at the cubs fans, who by the way, probably had no idea what was going on. Shout out to Rebecca and Jeremy who kept us entertained!
Sunday we wanted to grab brunch and see the sites. Brunch took place at Lou Mitchell's. After waiting in a line that wrapped around the corner, we took our seats at a long table with some locals. We drank some of the best coffee and orange juice I have ever had. Taylor's french toast was more than an inch thick and my omelet was loaded with fresh tomatoes and some of the best hash browns ever.
After our brunch we took a walk along the Hudson before we had to catch our plane. That might be when I fell in love with Chicago's charm. I hated to leave this wonderful place. One, because I wanted a little more time to see everything, and two, because I was dreading going back to the humidity. Here are some of our pictures!
my hot dog at eleventh street diner
outside art museum
Monet's hay stacks
the silver bean
Buckingham Fountain
Deep Dish at Pizano's
view from our seats
old school scoreboard
View from Sears Tower
house divided
this one's getting framed
waiting in line for brunch
taking a little break
favorite building
skyline as we are leaving

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  1. What a wonderful trip KT & Tayphil...really enjoy reading your blog...thanks for taking the time to share your young married life. luv u, ax


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