Something's Gotta Give.

So for those of you who are married can hopefully relate to me on this one. I haven't worked out ONCE since Taylor and I got married the first weekend in JUNE. WHHHHAAAAATTT. I'm not sure what happened? I believe it had something to do with the hard core P90X workout I did from Dec 2-June 2. Six months of listening to some dude named Tony who is hyped up on "life", so he says. I think he is hyped up on a little somethin somethin extra if you know what I mean. Needless to say, it was a pretty ballin workout. I tore my acl back in highschool so this type of workout was good for my joints and what not.
   Anyway- all of that hard work has been overshadowed by my recent bad habits of poor eating choices and opting out on the whole workout experience. That is, until yesterday when Taylor and I attempted to get a good run in after work. HA. Pathetic would be a good word to use. I could barely run a mile. Embarrassing, I know. Things are about to get intense around here with our eating habits and workout routines.
I guess I'm writing this all down to make me a believer. It has been really hard adjusting to the whole work thing. When I get home I just wanna chill. Sooo we will see how this goes. Now that I have written it all down and the whole "world" can see. I better actually follow through.

You can't tell me this guy isn't a little looney..

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