Hon·ey·moon n.

I asked wiki and: "The term 'honeymoon' first originated in Babylon, about 4,000 years ago. Honeymoon came into use for the month after a wedding, when the bride's father would give the groom all the mead he wanted. Mead is actually a honey beer, and being so, the Babylon's calendar was a lunar calender, which is based off the moon. They then started to call that month, the 'honey month', which we now have adapted to be honeymoon." -Not quite as interesting or exciting as I had hoped, but I sure am glad we got to take advantage of this 4,000 year old tradition and go to Cabo!
On our trip we also took advantage of the swim up bar and wait staff(shout out to our man Christian who had our drink of choice memorized by day 3). A majority of our time in Cabo was spent soaking up the suns' raise, however, we did do a little zip lining in the canyons of San Jose del Cabo.
Check out these pictures at wild canyon:

Zip lining Cabo
Zip Lining
Zip Lining
Zip Lining

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