The nesting has begun!

As many of you know, Taylor has been working from home since we moved to Birmingham. Well folks, things have now changed. He has moved his office out and this space is now on the fast track to becoming our little boy's nursery!

Taylor spent all of last week cleaning out his office and the closet within. The closet had become a catch all for things that never really had a home anywhere else in the house. Thanks to Taylor's Dad and some sweet friends, we were able to add more space to our attic, donate, and throw away A LOT of unwanted stuff. 

Once the nursery was empty, Taylor repainted and had the carpets cleaned. All while I was in Fitzpatrick helping get things ready for my sister's wedding! Already a great Dad and our little boy isn't even born :) 

Now it is my turn to create the perfect nursery for our little man!

I have loved the idea of a gallery above the dresser for a while now. I came up with this mix, complete with paper mach'e giraffe. The pendant light may be my 2nd favorite. When lit, it casts some pretty sweet shadows that are perfect for entertaining baby. Slowly but surely, it is all coming together!

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