Shasterly Love

As many of you probably know, my big sister, Adrienne, was greeted not so graciously with a stroke about a month ago. Following this awful set back, some of the main side effects were not being able to walk unless with assistance, she couldn't feel sensations on the left side of her body, was seeing double, and my favorite, only sweats and cries on one side of her body.
She has been working her hiney off in therapy and is well on her way to 100% recovery! "A "is now walking without assistance (still a little wobbly), is reading a lot which helps her vision, and the best thing-she is back in Birmingham and starting work tomorrow! Until her vision gets a little better she will need a chauffeur, so she is staying with Tayphill and me until she feels more comfortable out on her own. The main thing that slows her down now is all of the medication she is taking. It makes her really sleepy. She is taking blood thinners and a whole bunch of other meds I have no idea how to pronounce. She had a very rare type of stroke that caused her to have hiccups, which in turn caused her to have heart burn and acid reflux, which is caused in part by the blood thinner. Talk about complicated. All I know-she is a trooper!!

Keep Adrienne in your thoughts and prayers as she gets back into the swing of things, and back to normalcy!
Some of her get well cards!

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