Just Sitting on My Couch

Finally, I am just sitting here....We have been going and going and going for the past 3 weeks and it feels good to just sit here. Our first road trip was to Guntersville for a wedding, then to the beach with my fam, and then to Austin to see Taylor's fam and friends from home while celebrating the 4th. I finally can see a little tan on my skin, and Lola has had more love in the past 2 weeks than she knows what to do with!
Now that we have been back for a couple of days, guess what Tayphill did? Yep, planned another trip. This boy can't sit still. So here we come Chicago, thanks to Southwest and their awesome ticket prices :)

I really slacked on my picture taking these last couple of weeks, but here are a couple I managed to snap.

Downtown in Austin with Margaret!

sweet girls!

Taylor's bro. JD-Austin Select Baseball-World Series CHAMPS!

Lake Travis
Lake Travis lookin mighty good
4th of July

Last but not least, Taylor got himself a new friend.
Taylor's yummy kielbasa!

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