A True Hero

This past Wednesday we lost the last of a generation on the Forrer side of the family, my Dad's Dad. The loss of Grandfather was especially hard because with his passing was a feeling of emptiness. The home where my Dad and all his siblings grew up was also the home where I had some of my greatest childhood memories. This home is now vacant, but oh how those walls still talk. Walking from room to room the warmth of Mammie fills my soul. Christmases, Thanksgivings, and Family Reunions are only a few of the memories we shared. Any given day you could find grandchildren playing in the yard underneath the Magnolia tree or rolling down the hill in a barrel (several broken arms-I don't recommend it).
My Grandfather served in the Navy and was awarded the Navy Cross, the highest decoration that can be bestowed by the Naval Department. He really was a hero. He would have given his life for his Country and for his family.
When my Grandmother died almost 2 years ago, a piece of Grandfather left with her. It comforts our family to know how happy is to be with his Bride again :)

WWII Naval Officer
what a stud!

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