It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I've had a couple people ask me when I was going to write about football season, and honestly, it has been to dang hot for me to feel football fever! Last night however, it hit me. It's finally football season! Taylor and I ordered in pizza and watched the games. Kentucky by the way, really needs to get it together or they are going to have a looooooong season.
 We have Taylor's Dad, Step-mom and little bro coming into town tonight to help us kick of the Alabama Football season right. Starting of #2 isn't too shabby if you ask me. I've been listing to a little Paul Finebaum on my way home from work and the hype for Alabama Football is definitely imminent.
 I can't wait to be back in Bryant-Denny and watch the Tide Roll!!

Here are some pre-season pics!

Margaret and JW came to visit!
Stock the Bar for Lindsay and Jacob!
Lola's BEST FRIEND Chloe says, "Roll Tide"!
Arkansas game with the fam!

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