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Do you have bookshelves that need a little TLC? Maybe they look just the way you want them? Lucky you. I have zero shelving. No shelving in my home at all, except for my closets...which actually look more like bookshelves in some unfortunate situations. I tell Taylor all the time, "I need more surfaces!!!!" Fortunately, we are actually devising a plan to create some shelving on either side of our fireplace. The shelving would house the TV, that currently sits on Tayphill's college console...much like this one. It would also allow me to put out books, pictures and fun little trinkets I have collected over the years. I have been paying close attention and practicing up on my "styling" techniques for when my day comes. 

Here is the fireplace wall now:

living room fireplace

Here is what I drew up in my head:

AutoCAD fireplace elevation
This would make Taylor and me both happy. TV components are hidden and I
get to unpack some books!

And here are some beautiful inspiration pictures!

I'm digging the contrast with this bookcase. They kept a simple color palette to keep our eyes from doing a crazy dance. We thank you. 

dark shelving with white accessories

Blue and white. Can't go wrong there. First, look at each shelf individually. Notice how each shelf is balanced with color and/or by height. Now, look at it as a whole. The overall unit is also beautifully balanced. Good job with this one.

blue and white bookcase

Darkly painted again. I love how the white pops against this color, and not everything jumps out at you all at once. The books take a back seat, but when you look closely the red accent color really makes a statement.

shelf styling

Starting to think I have a favorite shelving style for the moment. More bold contrast on these shelves, too. Great way to showcase your china or other wedding gifts you rarely use.

shelf styling for dishes

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