Empty House Syndrome

I'm sure all first time home buyers go through what I am currently experiencing-empty walls and floors. We haven't moved in yet, so that is part of the problem, the other part(s) is that we've been in an apartment since we've been married, and haven't had the space we have now. Fortunately, I am in the perfect field to fill these empty spaces :) I think this makes Taylor very nervous. How can I tell? He made me a spread sheet that has every piece of furniture and accessory I want to eventually purchase categorized 1-5. 1 being an immediate need and 5 being a want of lesser importance. Each item has a high cost and a low cost...goal is obviously to be in the low. Initially, I thought I would be upset about this, but it has actually been a great thing. It keeps me from getting overwhelmed and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I come in under budget. (Hopefully this will happen frequently)
They have started building Lola's fence and should be done by Friday when we do our final walk through. I can't tell you how ready I am to be out of this apartment!

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