NYC Real Estate Heaven

 My boss just got back from a week in New York where they own an apartment with several other couples. (Must be nice right?) Well, my small town mind starts imagining what the apartment must look like...brown stone facade with stoop I'm sure...so then I start thinking if the price is right, I too, could one day own a picturesque brown stone of my very own. I knew apartments/town homes in the Upper East Side don't come cheap, but I did not realize they could cost you 70 million plus. I always loved Charlotte's Apartment in Sex in the City...Park Avenue with a view. Wanna know what that will set you back in real life? Try $23mill, easy. What about Madison Ave? $72mill without a blink. Want to live on the same street as Carrie Bradshaw? Better be willing to lay down 23 million with almost eighty thousand in taxes each year...no wonder New Yorkers always seem so angry, it's because they actually ARE angry. 

So after my dabbling in the New York real estate market and briefly reconsidering my career (New York Real Estate Agent). I started thinking about the movies/tv. How in the hell did Monica Geller afford that huge apartment in Greenwich village? She was unemployed more than half the time, right? And then I thought Carrie Bradshaw's apartment had to be somewhere on the internet and maybe even vacant. Well, I found it and to my severe disappointment, 245 E.73rd St. doesn't exist. The exterior shots were actually filmed on 66 Perry Street and the interior was a set.

Maybe this will make you feel better-her brown stone, complete with before and afters.

The famous stoop-$60,000 to the owner each time they used it in the show.

before and after from the first movie

 Carrie's all grown up Apartment with Mr. Big is even more wonderful:

the sofa: Woodframe by Montauk $6100 Birdie Blossom Pillow: $600

fabric on chairs: Lee Jofa's Belgravia color: grey/black $170/yard

Headboard fabric: Kravet's Velvet Gate color: Tuxedo $170/yard

and this is just for kicks...Charlotte's Park Ave. kitchen

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