Happy Birthday to Lola!!

basset hound puppyThis weekend a year ago, Taylor and I were moving from Mississippi into our Birmingham apartment. Also on this day, our sweet Lola Bear was born in Brookhaven, Mississippi. After settling in our apartment we decided a puppy would be a great addition to our family. Once we saw the picture of Lola-we knew she was going to fit right in :) We drove almost 5 hours to pick her up and it was like Christmas morning when we finally got there. Those stubby, little, wrinkly legs, and those long, droopy ears she kept tripping over melted my heart. Now, a year later she is such a huge part of our family. She makes us laugh everyday and we love her sooo much!

           Happy Birthday Lola!!!!

basset hound puppy
on our way home!

basset hound puppy
Lola exploring in Fitzpatrick
check out that neck!
funny basset hound
funny puppy

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