How Do You Side

Bedside tables. To match or not to match? Drawers or no drawers? Skirted? Shelved? I could go on forever. The point is, we need these little guys next to our beds for many reasons other than collecting dust. 
I think what I like most about bedside tables is they are personal; whether it's a favorite book, picture or something sentimental you keep next to your side as you dream a little dream.

Let's piddle around with bedside tables for a minute:

What do you think about.....

A console:

console side table

a writing desk:

writing desk bedside table

Skirted  (love that goose neck lamp!):

skirted bedside table

Vintage Trunks:

vintage trunks as bedside table

How about Built-ins?:

bed surrounded by built-ins

 a punch of color:

painted bedside table


white lacquer bedside table

As a Chest:
nailhead chest bedside table

Your options are limitless! Now, what about lighting?? Wall light? Table light?...think on it and I'll be back :)

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