Grouper, Snapper and Mahi, oh my!

Last week my parents took us to St. George Island to spend some time on the beach, on the water and eating some good seafood. If you like crowds, this beach is not for you. 
st. george island map
we were here.
They call it the forgotten beach, and honestly, I think they love it that way. Only a handful of restaurants to choose from and the hot spot at night was a karaoke bar where we saw some reeaaal potential . Uncle Bob and Tom gave George Strait a run for his money.

One of the coolest things we did while we were  there was deep sea fish. Captain Charlie took us way out in search of big daddy grouper. While in search we reeled in Snapper, King Mackerel and about 40 Mahi Mahi.  Needless to say we have a lot of fish to eat!

deep sea fishing gulf coast
Pops reeling in a Snapper! 

deep sea fishing florida gulf coast
Tayphill getting a nice size Snapper

deep sea fishing Florida Gulf Coase
Groupers are UGLY

deep sea fishing Florida Gulf Coast
A and John reeling in some big ones! A's grouper took the cake...

deep sea fishing Florida Gulf Coast
Beth was entertaining as usual. 

gulf coast fish
Check out all those fish!

sunset on the gulf coast
great boat ride back in to the bay

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