Hey girl, let me see that skirt

Can I just tell you I have been doing so many skirted consoles here lately! No complaining from this girl. They can be perfect for many different reasons. They can soften a room with just the right amount of fabric. Have a room that needs juuust 1 more surface, but the space is starting to look like a national forest with all the wood case pieces you've got going on? Skirted Console. Have a foyer that is uninviting? Skirted Console. 2 twin beds and you need the perfect bedside table? Skirted Console. Want something unconventional for your dining room sideboard or buffet? Skirted Console. Want to add some color/interest to an otherwise dull room? Skirted Console.
 Are you convinced, yet?

If not, maybe these will help.

skirted console
contrasting trim 

skirted console
use a bold fabric 

skirted console with trim
top it with stone

skirted console
keep it simple

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