Friday Favorite: Surprises

I love to pull off a good surprise. Unfortunately, I am not very good at keep them. Until now:)
My sisters and I schemed a little Surprise Birthday Party/Dinner for my Dad Wednesday night at Sinclairs in Montgomery. 

Here's how it went down:
60th Birthday Invitation
My Dad wanted a quite Birthday. Maybe no one would notice he turned 60? It took Adrienne, my older sister, saying she was coming into town to sort out wedding details for him to agree to dinner. I told Dad that I would ride down with A and we could have a quick dinner before she and I had to drive back to Bham.
Little did he know there were 15 of us waiting at the bottom of the stairs when he and Mom walked into the room. Complete surprise I tell you!


60th Birthday Decorations

60th Birthday Decorations

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