Sam 2 and 3 weeks

Weeks 2 and 3 have flown by! Sam has passed his birth weight, is about a half inch longer and is much more alert now that we are jaundice free. He makes some of the most hilarious faces and is the LOUDEST eater. He hates a wet diaper and will let you know it! He is eating every 3 hours during the day and has gone as long as 5 hours between feedings at night.  He has a favorite paci and is a sucker for a soft blanket.

one of his many sleeping positions
walking to our neighborhood cvs!
Sleeping in his stroller indoors....sometimes you just do what works.
Loving his activity mat!
sweet tayphill sent me out last night with my sisters and a couple of  friends. I had my first cocktail in 10+ months!
strawberry mojito at Jensei is so great.

 I still can't believe this little man is mine.
 I look at Sam and see Taylor and that makes my heart smile. God is so so good.

1 week and not happy about it! 
a much happier 2 week old 
3 weeks

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