A Magical Place

This weekend was so great! I knew New York was going to be fabulous, but I had now idea it would be MAGICAL. 5th Ave., 34th, and Rockefeller Center were let up and decorated like nothing I had ever seen. Buildings were completely covered in lights.

Little Recap:

Radio City Music Hall at Christmas
Friday night we ate at David Burke Townhouse on East 61st Street, had a great dinner and martinis Sex and the City style. We then went to Tao, which is apparently the hot spot in NYC, right Helen? After killing enough time, we went to see the Rocketts. O. My. Gosh. They were amazing. The end of the show they did the Christmas Story and had real livestock! The nativity scene was so beautiful, I got kinda teary eyed. It was so cool that with all the "Happy Holidaying" go around, things like this are still happening. There was something great about seeing people still celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

Macy's at Christmas NYC
The Believe Meter was overflowing!
Saturday we walked miles around the city! Times Square, 5th Ave, 34th Street, and no telling where else. We went to the matinee showing of the Nutcracker and I was floored. I've never seen so much talent on one stage. This time, it was Helen's turn to cry. After the ballet, we went to Central Park and then to The Plaza Hotel (A little Home Alone 2 flash back). Freezing cold temps took us back to the hotel to change into some warmer clothes and then headed to Rockefeller Center. CROWDED. We literally got into a people jam. New Yorkers don't like jams. They didn't care who they ran over-they were getting OUT. Luckily, we made it out alive and eventually got to the tree. My camera spassed out because of all the lights, and I'm not sure it will ever be the same.

Sunday before we left, we took a trip to ground zero. Even though it has been 9 years, there is still a somber feel to the area. The construction of the new buildings are well underway, and the first areas to be completed of the "One World  Trade Center" will open March 11, 2011.

The Nativity

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Central Park Ice skating

view from Central Park

Thank you Helen and Gregg for such a great time!! And also, a special shout out to Starbucks, without you, this trip would have been far less productive!

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