Meet Lola

Taylor and I made a trip to Brookhaven Mississippi yesterday to get our sweet little Lola! She was the best car passenger and only woke up when she needed to take a potty break. Last night was definitely a test of our love considering we have always been able to sleep through the night with out distraction. She is a very smart puppy and has yet to use the bathroom inside, except for when she got excited about Adrienne coming over to play. She loves her tennis ball and hops around trying to get accustomed to her long ears,and running is a bit of a challenge because of the ears.Taylor is taking her to the vet today, just to make sure she is in perfect health!
Lola is very interested in the Christmas tree, and the presents underneath it. Hopefully we can teach her early about chew toy and "no" chew toy.
Meet Lola!
sweet baby girl in the car

napping on the ride back to Jackson

Just hanging out

watching tv with pops

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