From our Home to Yours!

This is a first. Sending out Christmas cards, buying decorations, having a tree...that I have to water and decorate? Baking? Shopping? Stressing? All these things to do now that I am considered an adult (I hate that word). Luckily, I love Christmas and I have been taught well. Also, I have a wonderful community back in Fitzpatrick and the sweet ladies there threw me a Christmas shower last year. You know what that means...boxes and boxes of decorations. These boxes are in the attic back home, so until next weekend the only decorations up are the wreath on our front door.
I did however, get some pretty fabulous cards made last week. Trying to be ahead of the game? I don't even know if that's true considering most people decorate before Thanksgiving these days. Not me, no way. I gotta space my holidays out or else I'd freak out.

 Check out our Christmas Cards! Peace on Earth...


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