No Gifts. That's what I love about Thanksgiving. This Holiday is all about being thankful for the good stuff. The good stuff like loving families, and of course, food. I love food. I love it a lot. Sit me in front of some homemade macaroni and I'll be good for days.
I can remember sitting at the "kids" table for Thanksgiving, and before we said the blessing we all had to say something we were thankful for. I remember saying the dishwasher. Really KATIE? The dishwasher? I was no older than 10 and had probably never used a dishwasher. My cousins and sisters also rattled out ridiculous things, but I remember my Grandmother saying she was thankful for all of her "darling little angels" (that including me of course). At the time, I was too young to understand how spending time with family was so important. Now that I am older I understand the importance of family and luckily, I've got Taylor's family in on the action this time around. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember to give thanks!!

This is just for your enjoyment and a little pre-holiday cheer

 Beth is great in this one.

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