Settling In!

Taylor and I moved to Birmingham this past Saturday! With the help of a 17' uhaul, both of our Dads and a young fellow named Safareno, we got the job done. We started our day at 7am and wrapped up the move around 5:00pm. 4 hours of that was spent on the road from Jackson to Bham. No big deal. I'm a professional. Did I mention we are on the 4th floor of our building? Best leg workout I've gotten in months. Taylor and I have been unpacking boxes a little each day and now the only room we lack is our bedroom. We finally have the room to unpack all of our wedding gifts and it was like opening them for the first time! I feel like I need to write thank-you notes all over again! Siiiike! (that was for you A and Emily)
I already feel more at home at our new place than I did at our old. Main reason? That Apartment had ISSUES.
It never felt "homey" to me.
So the next step for us is for me to find a new job : ( I wish I could have picked up SummerHouse and brought it with me. Too bad it wouldn't fit in the uhaul.

Our Wedding  Invitation
pillow from Etsy
compliments of Campbell!
Sherry Spain vase and an old sugar mold
our aprons!
awesome wedding gift!
new washer and dryer!
Dyann Gunter from SummerHouse

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